Ep. 041 – An insight to Boylan’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program

In this episode of “The New Course Offerings for 2019-2020” four Boylan Catholic High School, Advanced Placement students will discuss what it takes to be an AP student, why you should consider AP classes, the benefits of participating in an AP class, and TIPS to be an excellent AP student!  Thanks to Jonathan Starck, Stephanie Didier, Jonah Allen, and Kaitlyn Dal Pra for sharing their insight into the Boylan Catholic Advanced Placement Program.


Ep. 040 – “Career and Technical Education Class Offerings,” with Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid

In this episode of “The”New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,” Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid will discuss their “Career and Technology Classes” for the 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Jansen will be teaching Introduction to CADD, Advanced Cadd, Engineering Graphics, Java, Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Robotics).  Mrs. Schmid is currently teaching Entrepreneurship, Principles Of Econ as well as AP Micro and Macro Economics, and Consumer Ed.


Ep. 039 – Genius Hour: The Social Science Seminar

In this episode, Mrs. Mertes and Mrs. Basile discuss the new Social Science course offering – Genius Hour: Social Science Seminar. Listen to the podcast to hear about how the course name came about and what this new course entails.


Ep. 038 – “Sociology and Psychology,” Mrs. Mertes discusses her course offerings

In this episode of the “New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,Mrs. Lindsey Mertes of the Social Science Department discusses her two-course offerings, Sociology, and Psychology.  Sociology is open to sophomores through seniors as a one-semester elective. This class focuses on analyzing our American Culture and patterns of social interaction.  Psychology (academic, Honors, & AP) is generally a senior level course.  The class is one semester long, and most seniors take it opposite of Government.  Psychology is all about understanding how people think and their behavior.


Ep. 037 – “New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,” Mr. Brad Frisch discusses his new Technology class

In this episode of the “New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,Industrial Technology Director Mr. Brad Frisch and Mr. Jeff Phad will discuss the Industrial Technolgy Departments new class, “Computer Service and Repair.”  This class is a vocational course designed to teach the student how to assemble, service, install, and repair computers in a stand-alone or networked environment.  We will discuss how the class was selected, the type of students we are looking for to signup for the course.  We will also take a look at how the course will complement the current Cisco course offering, some benefits a student can expect to receive at the completion, the projected job title and pay for someone with these skills. We will explore the Dual Credit (Rock Valley) opportunities and more on this episode of “New Course Offering for 2019-2020” school year.


Ep. 036 – “Let’s talk Scholastic Bowl” with Emily Ethington

On this segment of “The Fantastic Scholastic Show,” Emily Ethington interviews Senior Mario Medina a member of the Boylan Scholastic Bowl Team and Faculty Advisor Mrs. Lindsay Mertes.  The discussion targets around the high school Scholastic Bowl competitions and the Bergstrom’s Stateline Quiz Bowl.  Boylan will compete on the Stateline Quiz Bowl on Saturday, January 12th.  Check the local listings for the time and channel (WTVO – 17).  You can watch a replay on Sunday, January 13th at 8:30 AM (My Network TV) and 9:30 PM (FOX 39).

Varsity team members are Senior Mario Medina, Senior Jeffrey Welch, Senior Andy Brown, Senior Megan Schroeder, and Junior John Link.



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