Ep. 80 – “Giving Back” with Brianna Novak and Nhia Caras

In this segment of “Giving Back,” Brianna Novak and Nhia Caras interview Boylan members from Student Council, Abby Kielty, and Arianna Caruana. They will be discussing how Boylan gives back around the Christmas season, regarding Christmas baskets, where the donations go, how much Boylan raised over the years, and what it takes to prepare Christmas baskets. Boylan donates the Christmas basket items at St. Elizabeth Center in Rockford, IL. Boylan raised more than $8,000 last year and helped more than 45 families. The student council and class representatives take the money from the donations and go out and buy perishable foods for the families. Members of the student council transport the Christmas items to the Bachrodt center. They then load the items onto a truck that delivers them to the St. Elizabeth Center located in downtown Rockford. Everyone donates, including the staff and faculty! This charitable assistance allows Boylan students and staff to help the less fortunate in our community. Boylan not only gives food, but they donate non-perishable items, too, such as towels and toothbrushes. The less fortunate will ask for things that we take for granted every day as a treat to them. It is nice to see the smiles that we get when people get their Christmas baskets. Boylan has carried out this holiday tradition for more than 50 years as it continues to embrace the season of giving. The most important key that Boylan has taught is that doing makes us happier than having! Follow us on the Boylan.org website, Boylan TwitterBoylan Instagram, Boylan Twitter, to see all the ways we give back!