Ep. 81 – “A Year In The Making” The Student life Segment With Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert

In this segment, Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert interview Mrs.Scherer, Joelle Sexton, and Olivia Holen about the Yearbook and Journalism Class.  Joelle Sexton was our special guest and is a Sales Rep from Herp Jones and always willing to help out and make the class easier for the students and teachers. Moderator, Mrs. Scherer, has enjoyed watching the kids in her class get excited about trying different editing tools and ways to make the yearbook look amazing! Mrs. Scherer and Mrs. Sexton discuss their fascinating experiences with the techniques you need to have and how close the class is.  Boylan Catholic has three different journalism classes; Intro, Advanced, and Leadership. The Journalism Leaders are Abbey Brewer and Olivia Holen, who work very hard, along with their other classmates, to make sure the school has excellent yearbooks. They encourage anyone thinking about joining the class to get involved in the exciting adventures of journalism. Listen to this podcast to hear more about their views on the course, how it teaches outside skills in the classroom, and why you should join!