Ep. 82 – Christmas Traditions with Miss Shannon McKenna and Christian Reynolds

In this episode of the Clubhouse, Your hosts Danniel Trotter and Nick Liakouras invite  Christian Reynolds and Miss Shannon Mckenna to join a discussion on Christmas and Advent traditions. We talk about the food they eat on Christmas and whether they make cookies or not. We discuss the topic of Christmas trees, real Christmas tree, or an artificial Christmas tree, and what other Christmas decorations they put up. Black Friday shopping seems to be a big deal, but maybe it is dying out. We bring up some of our favorite funny moments from the holiday season. We also delve into the mysterious realm known as Santa; children avert your ears. The holiday season is a joyful time of the year, but there are some weird moments we’ll talk about that too. There is even more fun to be had if you listen to the podcast. We find out the story of Ms. McKenna’s brutal war of proving that Santa is real. We discuss the true meaning behind Santa Claus and all our stories about not believing in him. All of this and more on this podcast.




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