Ep. 022 – “Broadcasting Babies” with Avery Cellitti and Joy Goebel

This week Joe Krein and William Archer wowed us in their experience and love for the Boylan Broadcasting Club! In this weeks segment “Broadcasting Babies” we talk about the Broadcasting Class and Club. We talk about everything we do in the broadcasting class, from broadcasting football, basketball, and soccer games, to making our very own podcast. Join us next for another new podcast!


Ep. 014 – “Crazy College Prep” with Avery Cellitti and Joy Goebel

“Crazy College Prep” is an exclusive interview with our Boylan College Counselor Mrs. Bridget McMinn. In this segment, we ask for her expertise on all things college! Mrs. McMinn talks about how to best prepare yourself for college and how to find the right college for you.