Ep. 82 – Christmas Traditions with Miss Shannon McKenna and Christian Reynolds

In this episode of the Clubhouse, Your hosts Danniel Trotter and Nick Liakouras invite  Christian Reynolds and Miss Shannon Mckenna to join a discussion on Christmas and Advent traditions. We talk about the food they eat on Christmas and whether they make cookies or not. We discuss the topic of Christmas trees, real Christmas tree, or an artificial Christmas tree, and what other Christmas decorations they put up. Black Friday shopping seems to be a big deal, but maybe it is dying out. We bring up some of our favorite funny moments from the holiday season. We also delve into the mysterious realm known as Santa; children avert your ears. The holiday season is a joyful time of the year, but there are some weird moments we’ll talk about that too. There is even more fun to be had if you listen to the podcast. We find out the story of Ms. McKenna’s brutal war of proving that Santa is real. We discuss the true meaning behind Santa Claus and all our stories about not believing in him. All of this and more on this podcast.




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Advent Reflections with Bishop Barron

20 Best Christmas Traditions


Ep. 74 – “The Clubhouse” An Interview With First Year English Teacher Ms. Kimberly Madden

In this episode of The Clubhouse, we sit down with First-Year Teacher, Ms. Kimberly Madden. Our discussion begins with how she became a teacher, her first impressions at Boylan Catholic, some of her previous teaching experience. We also discuss what Ms. Madden enjoys outside of being a teacher, some of her hobbies, where she went to grade school and high school, what she studied in college, and how her first semester as a Boylan teacher is going. We talk about some of her favorite subject areas in English, her favorite books, and authors. Ms. Madden also talks about being a Boylan Alum.  



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EP. 72 – A Preview of Boylan Catholic vs. St. Rita

In this episode “The Clubhouse” will breakdown the Semifinal matchup between Boylan Catholic and St. Rita Chicago. We compare both teams in several different categories; their run and pass games and on how good their defenses are. Then we compare and contrast both team’s best players in all areas of the game, in passing, running, and catching, all to see which team has a slight edge. We dive deep into the keys to victory for each group. Then on Saturday, the Boylan Broadcast club will broadcast the game live at 1:30. Support the Boylan Titans on the fight for a state title.



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In this episode of “The Clubhouse,” we sit down with a member of the Boylan Catholic Scholastic bowl, to discuss how scholastic bowl works and upcoming events. We will be discussing the upcoming Scholastic Bowl Season. We will take a look at past Scholastic Bowl experiences and examine how the Scholastic Bowl works.  We will also take a look at the mechanics of how Scholastic Bowl tournaments are run. We will be closing the discussion talking about the upcoming Boylan Catholic schedule.


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Scholastic Bowl National Championships 2019




EP. 65 – Episode of ” The Clubhouse” Hosted by Nick Liakouras and Daniel Trotter

This week on the “The Clubhouse,” we are interviewing individual IHSA state Golf champion TJ Baker.  We discussed these topics with TJ Baker, ”How did you become interested in Golf.” “What was your first Golf experience like.” “What is your favorite Golf course, and Why?” ”How did you feel after round 1 of the IHSA Boys’ State Golf Tournament at Weibring Golf course .” “Moving forward to the 2nd round of the ISHA State Tournament, describe hole number 7 and your reaction to your Hole in one?.” We discussed with TJ  Baker what his college plans are at Southern Illinois-Edwardsville.  


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Ep. 62 – “The Clubhouse” with Danniel Trotter and Nick Liakouras

In this segment of “The Clubhouse” Dan and Nick discuss the results of the recent IHSA Regional and Sectional Golf tournaments.  The Boylan Boy’s Golf team participated in the Burlington 2A Boy’s Golf Regional and the Crystal lake south Boy’s 2A Sectional tournaments.  We also take a look at the upcoming IHSA Class 2A Boy’s State Golf Tournament which begins Friday October 18th at Weibring Golf Course.   The First Round tees off Friday at 8:30 and the Second Round will tee off on Saturday at 8:30. On the Girl’s side, Ella Greenberg has advanced the the IHSA Class 1A Girl’s State Golf Finals and will tee off at 8:30 AM at Red Tail Run Golf Course in Decatur.  We will discuss her journey to STATE!



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