Ep. 049 – “A visit with Daisy from Wenling Shiyan School in China,” with Katy Dunn, Isabel Maas, and Daisy.”

On this segment of the “Be Boylan Podcast” Senior Katy Dunn interviews our visitor from China, Daisy and her Boylan host Isabel Maas.  Daisy was one of our 28 student visitors from Wenling Shiyan School (our sister school in China) located in the Zhejiang ProvinceMrs. Tracy Cannell is the Chinese Instructor at Boylan and was the Boylan Catholic coordinator of the visit.  Listen to the podcast to hear more about  Daisy and her visit to Rockford.


Ep. 048 – “Introduction to Journalism” with Mrs. Sarah Scherer and Mrs. Lauren Pinzon

In this Segment,  Mrs. Lauren Pinzon and Mrs. Sarah Scherer discuss the English electives “Introduction to Journalism and “Advanced Journalism.”  These new classes will revamp Mrs. Sarah Scherer’sYearbook Class” by doing more than completing a Yearbook. Listen to the podcast to hear more about Mrs. Sarah Scherer and “Introduction to Journalism and Advanced Journalism classes.”



Ep. 047 – “Introduction to Broadcasting” with Mr. Jeff Phad

In this Segment,  Mr. Jeff Phad introduces his elective course “Introduction to Broadcasting.”   Mr. Phad will briefly discuss the history of the school broadcast program and how it evolved into “TitanVision.”  He will cover the focus of the class, which is to connect the Boylan community. Students will get hands-on experience in creating and producing a TitanVision broadcast and a “Be Boylan Podcast.”  Listen to the podcast to hear more about Mr. Jeff Phad and “Introduction to Broadcasting.”


Ep. 046 – “St. Louis University or Grand Valley State?” Matthew and Allison will reminisce about their educational experiences.

In this episode of the “Be Boylan Podcast,” Mr. Phad invites his niece and nephew to reminisce about their educational experiences, grade school thru University.  Matt is a Senior at Grand Valley State, and Allison has her Masters Degree in Public Health from St. Louis University.  Matt is working on his degree in the field of Mathematics and plans to go on to graduate school upon his completion of undergraduate work.  Allison is now working as a research assistant at the Washington University in St. Louis.  Allison will also talk about her experience at SLU as a Residence Hall Assistant and her study abroad in Madrid Spain.


      St. Louis University

      Grand Valley State University

      St. Louis University / Madrid

      Washington University School of Medicine (St. Louis)

Ep. 045 – “So you want to be a Police Officer?” An interview with Michael Phad of the Joliet Police Department.

In this episode of the “Be Boylan Podcast,” I (Mr. Phad) will be interviewing my Nephew, Michael Phad on his career as a Police Officer in the Joliet Police Department.  We will discuss how Mike started his journey to become a Patrolman and his educational background at Northern Illinois University. Michael will discuss his training at the Police Academy and his field training with Villa Park (Illinois) Police Department.  He will share what life is like as a Patrolman in the Joliet Police Department and his goals as he works to advance in the field of Law Enforcement.


Ep. 044 – “Integrated Science, Earth/Space Science and Physical Science,” Mr. Mike Uram introduces his courses

In this Segment,  Mr. Mike Uram introduces elective courses he teaches in the Science Department.  These include Integrated Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science with Earth Science. Listen to the podcast to hear more about Mr. Mike Uram and his classes.


Ep. 043 – “AP Statistics,” Mrs. Linda Schmitt acquaints us with Statistics

In this Segment,  Mrs. Linda Schmitt acquaints us with her class in AP Statistics.  She will discuss who takes AP Statistics, how hard the tests are, careers in the world of Stats, and much more in this segment. Listen to the podcast to hear more about Mrs. Schmitt and her AP Statistics class.


Ep. 042 – Mrs. Wolfe talks about her Creative Writing class

In this episode,  Mrs. Wolfe enlightens us on her Creative Writing class.  The class is a semester-long class that includes Prose writing, Short Story writing, Poetry, and Screenwriting.  Listen to the podcast to hear more about Mrs. Wolfe and her Creative Writing class.


Ep. 041 – An insight to Boylan’s Advanced Placement (AP) Program

In this episode of “The New Course Offerings for 2019-2020” four Boylan Catholic High School, Advanced Placement students will discuss what it takes to be an AP student, why you should consider AP classes, the benefits of participating in an AP class, and TIPS to be an excellent AP student!  Thanks to Jonathan Starck, Stephanie Didier, Jonah Allen, and Kaitlyn Dal Pra for sharing their insight into the Boylan Catholic Advanced Placement Program.


Ep. 040 – “Career and Technical Education Class Offerings,” with Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid

In this episode of “The”New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,” Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid will discuss their “Career and Technology Classes” for the 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Jansen will be teaching Introduction to CADD, Advanced Cadd, Engineering Graphics, Java, Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Robotics).  Mrs. Schmid is currently teaching Entrepreneurship, Principles Of Econ as well as AP Micro and Macro Economics, and Consumer Ed.


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