Ep. 019 – Boylan Bowling with Jack Osborne

In this episode fo the Strike Zone, Jack interviews head bowling coach Steve McGriff. Jack and Mr. McGriff talk about the Boylan Boys bowling season. Mr. McGriff gives a few tips for beginner bowlers that plan on attending Boylan. They also describe the format of the Boylan hosted tournament as opposed to a normal tournament. A former student of Hononegah, Nick Sommer, Also broke the national record for the highest high school average in a single season with a 252 average.

Ep. 018 – “In the Paint” with EJ and Joey

This week on “In the Paint” EJ and Joey have NIC-10 MVP CJ Couper on the podcast to talk Boylan basketball. We discuss last week’s games against Guilford and Freeport and talk about this week’s games against Rockford East and Rockford Jefferson. In our interview we discuss CJ’s charge record, following in his brother’s footsteps, and being a leader in both basketball and soccer.


Ep. 017 – “Exploring Advent” with Michael Murphy

In this segment of the strike zone, special guest Ms. Shannon Mckenna will join Michael.  Ms. McKenna is a first-year teacher at Boylan Catholic, and everyone is making her feel welcome. Michael and Ms. Mckenna will be discussing Advent and what it means to Catholics.  We hope you enjoy this segment of the “Be Boylan Podcast.” Below I’ve added some resources if you would like to do further research on Advent.


Ep. 016 – “Lacing it up in Lacrosse” with Jake Sarmiento and Jake Mueller

In this episode, Boylan senior Jacob Sarmiento discusses the NEW Lacrosse Club. He explores the history of the game and how it is played. Jacob also shares his Lacrosse story.  The Lacrosse Club is open to all Boylan students.  You should come out and witness the game in person! 

Ep. 015 – “In The Paint” with EJ Greenberg and Joey Foley

This week EJ and Joey shocked the world! “Under Center” has been rebranded and “In the Paint” is the new name for their podcast. This week they discuss the Titans’ boys’ basketball tournament in Grant where the team went 2-2 with Johnny Close and Anthony Brown leading the way. EJ and Joey also review the Titans’ 2017-18 season, which ended in a tough Supersectional loss to North Chicago. Finally, they end with a preview of the 2018-19 basketball season and the Guilford game November 28 at Boylan High School.

Ep. 014 – “Crazy College Prep” with Avery Cellitti and Joy Goebel

“Crazy College Prep” is an exclusive interview with our Boylan College Counselor Mrs. Bridget McMinn. In this segment, we ask for her expertise on all things college! Mrs. McMinn talks about how to best prepare yourself for college and how to find the right college for you.

Ep. 013 – “Strike Zone” with Michael Murphy and Jack Osborne

In this episode of the “Strike Zone,” Jack and Michael will be discussing Adoration, and how you can get the absolute most from it. Joining them in this episode will be Deacon Jason Stewart and Parker Nelson. Deacon Stewart and Parker will be discussing their preparation and goals when attending Adoration. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Ep. 012 – “And One” with Megan Schroeder and William Archer

With the inaugural episode of “And One,” our weekly podcast covering all things Lady Titan hoops, we will be discussing Tuesday’s game against Guilford, a preview of Friday’s game against Freeport, as well as a preview of the entire NIC-10 conference season. Joining us in our first week will be junior forward Peyton Kennedy and senior forward Erin Bishop.

Ep. 011 – “The Fine Arts Report” with Emily Ethington

This week on the “Fine Arts Report” your host Emily Ethington will interview Jon Jaworowski and Sophie Hernandez in a discussion of upcoming events.  Emily, Jon, and Sophie will discuss the Fall Play “Peter/Wendy,” release the name of the 2019 Musical, and much more on this segment of the “Fine Arts Report.”

Ep. 010 – “Happy Thanksgiving” … What are you thankful for?

The “Introduction to Broadcasting” class would like to share with you what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  God Bless!!!

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