Ep. 74 – “The Clubhouse” An Interview With First Year English Teacher Ms. Kimberly Madden

In this episode of The Clubhouse, we sit down with First-Year Teacher, Ms. Kimberly Madden. Our discussion begins with how she became a teacher, her first impressions at Boylan Catholic, some of her previous teaching experience. We also discuss what Ms. Madden enjoys outside of being a teacher, some of her hobbies, where she went to grade school and high school, what she studied in college, and how her first semester as a Boylan teacher is going. We talk about some of her favorite subject areas in English, her favorite books, and authors. Ms. Madden also talks about being a Boylan Alum.  



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EP. 72 – A Preview of Boylan Catholic vs. St. Rita

In this episode “The Clubhouse” will breakdown the Semifinal matchup between Boylan Catholic and St. Rita Chicago. We compare both teams in several different categories; their run and pass games and on how good their defenses are. Then we compare and contrast both team’s best players in all areas of the game, in passing, running, and catching, all to see which team has a slight edge. We dive deep into the keys to victory for each group. Then on Saturday, the Boylan Broadcast club will broadcast the game live at 1:30. Support the Boylan Titans on the fight for a state title.



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In this segment, Juliana Mace will talk with Lucas Weickert and special guest, our principal, Mr.Rozanski about many different topics that Boylan Students, faculty, parents, or anyone may want to know about. By going through the eyes of Mr. Rozanski and a student we see both sides of the spectrum of events at Boylan. If you have any questions about Boylan’s Canvas, Fall Sports, and the Faith atmosphere at the school; then listen to this podcast, and look at the Boylan website below to come “be involved” with our athletics,  arts, and faith at Boylan. 


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