Ep. 040 – “Career and Technical Education Class Offerings,” with Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid

In this episode of “The”New Course Offerings for 2019-2020,” Mrs. Ingrid Jansen and Mrs. Katie Schmid will discuss their “Career and Technology Classes” for the 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Jansen will be teaching Introduction to CADD, Advanced Cadd, Engineering Graphics, Java, Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Robotics).  Mrs. Schmid is currently teaching Entrepreneurship, Principles Of Econ as well as AP Micro and Macro Economics, and Consumer Ed.


Ep. 006 – “Stockcast” with William Archer

Join William Archer and members of his Consumer Education (Mrs. Schmid’s)  class as they discuss the “Stock Market Game”. They will be discussing team strategies for making money in this fun and exciting reality game.  Along with William will be classmates Patrick Hand, Nolan McKinley, Andy Hamlin,  Rafael Hernandez, Eli Bracken, Dillion Moore, and Mrs. Schmid.