Ep. 81 – “A Year In The Making” The Student life Segment With Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert

In this segment, Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert interview Mrs.Scherer, Joelle Sexton, and Olivia Holen about the Yearbook and Journalism Class.  Joelle Sexton was our special guest and is a Sales Rep from Herp Jones and always willing to help out and make the class easier for the students and teachers. Moderator, Mrs. Scherer, has enjoyed watching the kids in her class get excited about trying different editing tools and ways to make the yearbook look amazing! Mrs. Scherer and Mrs. Sexton discuss their fascinating experiences with the techniques you need to have and how close the class is.  Boylan Catholic has three different journalism classes; Intro, Advanced, and Leadership. The Journalism Leaders are Abbey Brewer and Olivia Holen, who work very hard, along with their other classmates, to make sure the school has excellent yearbooks. They encourage anyone thinking about joining the class to get involved in the exciting adventures of journalism. Listen to this podcast to hear more about their views on the course, how it teaches outside skills in the classroom, and why you should join!

EP. 73 – “Ending On A High Note” with Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert

In this segment of the student life podcast, Juliana Mace, and Lucas Weickert will be discussing ILMEA District Ensemble with their special guests Francis Cicock and Cristina Gahan. Together they will talk about past experiences, expectations for this year, the difference between ILMEA District and State chorus and Solo and Ensemble Contest, state expectations and experiences, and how they prepare for District. Listen to this podcast to find out! They will be there all Saturday preparing for the final performance that day!


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Ep.71 “Kicking it off with Collin” with Juliana Mace

In this segment, Juliana Mace interviews Collin Mendoza about the recap of the Boylan Catholic Boys Varsity Soccer season. We talk about their exciting season and ask Collin questions about himself, how he got into soccer, and his hopes for after Graduation. We also talk about the Team’s performance and how they Placed. Listen to this podcast to hear more about their awesome season.


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Ep. 067 – The “Student Life” Segment Hosted by Lucas Weickert

This week’s on the Student Life Segment of the Be Boylan Podcast as Lucas Weickert talks to choir director Dan Walls about the Boylan Octaves and their Christmas season.  They’ll answer the important questions like, “What is Octaves?”, “What do Octaves do?”, “Why is Christmas so busy?”, and “Do you get paid for it?”.  Join them as they talk about this select group of singers and just how they work, and we hope you enjoy this episode of the Student Life Segment


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In this segment, Juliana Mace will talk with Lucas Weickert and special guest, our principal, Mr.Rozanski about many different topics that Boylan Students, faculty, parents, or anyone may want to know about. By going through the eyes of Mr. Rozanski and a student we see both sides of the spectrum of events at Boylan. If you have any questions about Boylan’s Canvas, Fall Sports, and the Faith atmosphere at the school; then listen to this podcast, and look at the Boylan website below to come “be involved” with our athletics,  arts, and faith at Boylan. 


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Ep. 60 – “Student Life Segment” with Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert

In this segment, Juliana Mace talks about Theatre and the upcoming play, “The Crucible”. She is joined by Frank Cicock, Cristina Gahan, and Lucas Weickert who are very involved with the Theatre program. Listen in on this podcast to find out the date of the  Fall Play, what auditions are like, and how much fun people have participating with the Boylan Players


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Ep. 56 – “Film Fanatics” with Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert

In this segment, Juliana Mace and Lucas Weickert introduce a new club The Boylan Film Club. They are joined by Izzy Austin, a member of the club. Aren’t there some days where you want to relax and not want to worry about school or life for 30 minutes. Join Juliana and Lucas in this podcast to hear more about this exciting new club. 


Ep. 023 – “Octaves Performance” with Sophie Hernandez

This week on the “Fine Arts Report” your host Sophie Hernandez is joined by the Boylan Octives.  Including Jon JaworowskiSophie Hernandez, Matthew Heitkamp, Francis Cichock, Mary D’Haeze, Melanie Garbacz, Alexandra Honkamp, Noelle Javurek, Anya McIntyre, Matthew Priola, Dominic Reyes, and Lucas Weickert.  

Sophie will share upcoming events, and the Octaves will sing two Christmas carols.  The Choral Department Christmas Concert will take place on Sunday, December 9th at 3:00 pm in the Boylan Catholic Auditorium.  All are welcome!