Ep. 90 – Thanks for the Memories Boylan Catholic … with Juliana Mace

In this episode of the Be Boylan Podcast, Juliana Mace interviews our retiring teachers.  This episode will be my last Be Boylan Podcast as a Boylan student, and I can’t think of a better way to finish than honoring these teachers. Today’s guests include Mr. Bill Anderson (Math Department./three years with Boylan/19 total years), Mr. Joe Blume (Math Department/ 9 years at Boylan), Mrs. Cathy Walls (Math Department. 15 years at Boylan), and Mr. Jeff Phad (Physical Education Department/Broadcasting Class 37 years at Boylan, 40 years overall).  In our discussion, we will cover their educational journey, favorite memories of teaching/coaching/belonging to the Boylan Catholic Community, education during quarantine, and future plans.  Join me for a fun-filled conversation as we celebrate their Boylan Catholic journey.



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