Ep. 54 – “The Swim and Cross Country Report” with Brianna Novak and Nhia Caras

In this segment of the “The Swim and Cross Country Report”, Nhia Caras and Brianna Novak discuss the past results of The Mermaid Relay Swim Meet and The Oregon Invite. Listen to the podcast to find out more about the swim and cross country team results and how their meets work.



Ep. 009 – “The Girls’ Swimming and Diving Report” with Megan Schroeder

This week on the Girls’ Swimming and Diving Report, your host Megan Schroeder will be interviewing Sectional Champion swimmers sophomore Nhia Caras, freshman Bryn Kiley, junior Grace Pidde, and senior Libbie Frost. Megan will be going over the results from the sectional meet at Byron last week, and previewing the State meet at Evanston this weekend, November 16th and 17th.